Additional Gifting Options

Leverage the power of BirdieBox to access over 100 additional luxury brand relationships. BirdieBox can work with you to find the right gift for your client's needs.

In-stock Brands


You'll work with BirdieBox for these orders. We reverse engineer the conversation to learn the intent and messaging of your client's gifting moment. From there, a curated gift set is offered and the budget will determine the brands to lean on. In short, there is no traditional catalog of items as we have access to over 100 brands and their stock at the time of order confirmation.

Your BirdieBox representative can let you know if any MOQ is required for an order. It varies by brand and depending on the type of gifting opportunity, there could be a minimum order amount.

We'd love to work with you! Please fill out the questionnaire below to submit for ideas & pricing. The BirdieBox process works off of your intent & theme to curate the perfect set for your client. If you are unable to answer any of the questions below, we encourage you to get the information first before reaching out to us to avoid delays in response.

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